General Program Information

We, at SMCEP, belieProgram Informationve that immigrants bring new talents and skills that strengthen our community. Our mission is to provide the education and access to the wider community that immigrants need to fully participate in U.S. society.

To accomplish our goals, we provide ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes and a Citizenship program. Our classes are offered evenings and weekends to accommodate the needs of working adults. We offer ESOL classes at 4 levels: Beginning, High Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced.

Our English for Citizenship class helps applicants prepare for and pass their citizenship interviews.

We also have two Conversation Groups for those who want to improve their English speaking skills.

Classes take place in the annex of the old St. Mark School , 197 A Centre Street, behind the church.

SMCEP is committed to providing affordable, accessible, and essential services for working adult immigrants and their families.

SMCEP is located in the St. Mark Rectory, 20 Roseland Street, Dorchester, MA 02124.

St. Mark’s Church is located at 1725 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA 02124. Classes take place in the annex of the old St. Mark School behind the church.

We welcome your suggestions for improvement. If you see ways we could better serve you and other students, please talk with your instructor or the program Director.