At SMCEP, we believe that immigrants bring new and diverse gifts, talents, and skills that are necessary to the vitality and strength of our communities. We also hold that compassion, commitment to inclusion, and mutual respect are fundamental to our neighborhoods’ growth and well-being.


Our Mission

SMCEP‘s mission is to build a vibrant and flourishing community by providing English language and Citizenship educational skill development and access that adult immigrants and their families need to fully participate in the U.S. society.


Our Vision

Our vision is that the St. Mark Parish area is populated with adult immigrants who are able to communicate in English and have become citizens so that they are able to fully participate in U.S. society, including voting.


Our Strategy

We plan to do the following to achieve both our mission and our vision:

  • Provide English classes
  • Provide Citizenship classes and other support for achieving naturalization
  • Link people with support services
  • Help people find and get further education and jobs
  • Work with other agencies to help our students