SMCEP Sponsors

SMCEP welcomes organizations and individuals who support our program through their generous sponsorship.  Join this list of supporters – without whom our program could not exist – by becoming a sponsor.

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We would like to thank the following organizations (in alphabetical order) for their support: 

  • Cummings Foundation, Inc. – Cummings Foundation, Inc. (CFI), is a private operating foundation based in Woburn, Massachusetts. It sponsors place-based philanthropy focused on eastern Middlesex, southern Essex, and Suffolk counties in Massachusetts. Through the$100K for 100 program, it makes grants in roughly the same geographic areas from which CFI and its founders derived their funds and where most Cummings staff and clients live.
  • English for New Bostonians – English for New Bostonians is a partnership among the City of Boston, foundations, corporations, non-profits, and community organizations.


  • Irish International Immigrant Center – The Irish International Immigrant Center supports immigrants and is a multiservice center for people from 120 countries helping them find their place in our multicultural society by promoting civic engagement and facilitating cultural integration. 
  • St. Mark’s Parish of Dorchester, MA – St. Mark’s Parish provides space for our classrooms and various other activities.
  • Eastern Bank – Eastern Bank is the oldest and largest mutual bank in the United States and the largest community bank in Massachusetts. With 95 branches.



We would also like to thank individuals who are committed to equal opportunity and social justice for their generous donations.


If you or your organization would like to become a sponsor, just let us know through our contact form.