Citizenship Classes

Ten week Citizenship classes are offered 3 times per year. The goal of the Citizenship classes is to prepare students to pass the US Citizenship examination and interview.  Curriculum is based on USCIS guidelines for passing the English, Civics, Reading and Writing components of the examination, helping students increase English language proficiency and learn the answers to the 100 USCIS history and civics questions.  

To be eligible for class, you must be a Legal Permanent Resident for 5 years, or 3 years if your spouse is a US Citizen.

English Classes

St. Mark's offers online ESOL classes in the greater Boston area at 4 levels: Beginning (Basic), High Beginning (1), Intermediate (2) and Advanced (3).  Students pay $40 for their books.  


We will soon be enrolling for our Fall 2021 classes.


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