May 2020 - We’re Zooming! 

Like everyone, St. Mark’s Community Education Program had to discontinue in-person classes in March, 2020 because of Covid-19.  The leadership team got busy behind the scenes to reestablish classes online.  Thanks to the creativity of our dedicated teachers, ESOL classes restarted online in May and Citizenship classes began again on Zoom in June, 2020. We reached out to all students who had been enrolled in our in-person classes and many of them were able to make the transition to the online format. While it’s been a challenge all around, the dedication and talent of our many volunteers and the support of Boston Cares has enabled us to continue to serve our current students and enroll new students across a large geographic area. Some of our volunteers are even joining us from other states to help support students in our Zoom classes!

July 15, 2020 - Online Fundraiser 

We like to thank all those that contributed to our first online fundraiser held July 15th 2020. We

raised over 6,700 dollars. It was a fascinating evening with  Dr. Bryan Caplan, an  economics 

professor from George Mason University.

Special thanks to these very generous sponsors

Citizens Disability, LLC


Colleen Brisport Sequeda and Federico Sequeda

Anonymous donor


2019 Silver Key Award to St. Mark Director Mike Oliver 

Mike Oliver, along with  Charles Donahue  and Anita Sharma was presented the 2019 Silver Key Award by the Charitable Irish Society at a ceremony  held on September 18, at the Fairmont Copley plaza


The Charitable Irish Society, founded in the town of Boston, A.D. 1737,

was instituted for two purposes:


First: to cultivate a spirit of unity and harmony among all resident Irish

and their descendants in the Massachusetts Colony and to advocate

socially and morally the interests of the Irish people and their cultural



Second: to alleviate suffering, and to aid such of its members or other

worthy recipients as by the vicissitudes of fortune might be deserving

of its charity.

The Role of the Society

The Society’s historic mission of providing assistance to immigrants has

remained constant, including providing individual aid to families, more

general aid to people in Ireland suffering during The Great Hunger,

employing an agent to meet incoming ships to help newly arrived

immigrants find housing, employment and their family members already

in the U.S., and more recently working, with other organizations to help candidates for U.S. citizenship complete the application process.  During the late 20th century, over 1,000 citizenship applications have been processed and submitted to the Immigration and Naturalization Service.


For over twenty years the Society has honored those who have provided exemplary service to immigrants at our Annual Silver Key Awards Reception.  All funds raised at this event are used to aid immigrants in need.

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