Looking to make a major impact on someone’s life,
consider volunteering with us. 


Volunteer Opportunities


The following is a sample of available opportunities:

Small group leaders for Citizenship, Technology and English classes 

Work with up to three students to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

One on one tutors  

Assist students prepare for the Citizenship interview


Zoom Hosts/Co Hosts  

Help run Zoom classes, create breakout rooms, assist students with Zoom, take student attendance.

Student Coordinators 

Oversee student registration, communicate with prospective students, prepare class rosters 

Teachers for Citizenship and Technology classes 

Teach English vocabulary or Civics/History lessons and technology 


 For a detailed list, contact Ina Lee, our volunteer coordinator at inalee@stmarksesol.org

Would you like to volunteer?


 Email us at mike@stmarksesol.org 

  Call:  617-288-8515 

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