Operational Volunteer Opportunities

Zoom Host
● Runs the technology for classes
● Creates and monitors breakout rooms
● Sets co-hosts
● Admits students from waiting room
● Removes students if needed
● Troubleshoots technical issues
● Manages the online Zoom class and ensures it runs smoothly
● Takes attendance

● Provides weekly communications and handouts to students and
● Servers as timer for teachers
● Keeps the class agenda going smoothly
● Assists with issues during class
● Manages WhatsApp group
● Points on all roster and enrollment decisions during registration
period and throughout the class
● Imports rosters into the attendance system

Student Coordinator
● Follows up with students who register
● Provides Zoom class information during the registration period
● Serves as a touchpoint of St. Mark. Answers student emails and
inquiries. Refers as needed.
● Confirms upcoming test dates and secures tutoring for those in
need. Follows up to ensure students have necessary support.