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We believe that immigrants bring diverse skills and contributions that contribute significantly to the strength of our evolving communities. We hold that mutual respect, commitment to inclusion, and empathy, are fundamental to our nation’s well-being. 


Our mission is to build a vibrant community where immigrants can thrive and enrich their communities by providing English and Citizenship classes as well as a network of support services.


We envision thriving and inclusive communities, where immigrant residents acquire the skills and citizenship status necessary to fully participate in society, and as immigrants enrich our community,  non-immigrants also benefit.

 Our Strategy

We plan to do the following to achieve both our mission and our vision:

  • Provide English classes

  • Provide Citizenship classes and other support for achieving naturalization

  • Link people with support services in the community

  • Help people find and get further education and jobs

  • Work with other agencies to advocate for and assist our students

Partner with educational and cultural institutions to provide enriching opportunities for students

Classes & Resources

ESOL Classes

We offer online ESOL classes at 4 levels: Beginning (Basic), High Beginning(1), Intermediate (2) and Advanced (3).  Students pay $40 for their books.


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Class Schedule:

Citizenship Classes:

Ten week Citizenship classes are offered 3 times per year. The goal of the Citizenship classes is to prepare students to pass the US Citizenship examination and interview.  Curriculum is based on USCIS guidelines for passing the English, Civics, Reading and Writing components of the examination, helping students increase English language proficiency and learn the answers to the 100 USCIS history and civics questions.  

To be eligible for class, you must be a Legal Permanent Resident for 5 years, or 3 years if your spouse is a US Citizen. 

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Class Schedule: Monday 6pm - 8pm, Wednesday, 630pm - 830pm, Saturday 10am-12pm

Pathways for Citizenship

Pathways for Citizenship is a 14 week program that helps those who are eligible for citizenship but need to improve their English. Classes combine English instruction in speaking, listening, reading and writing with Civics vocabulary.

Stay tuned for more information on this new offering.

Get Involved 

Volunteers are at the heart of our St. Mark’s programs. They come to us as high school seniors, working people, and retirees. They have a wide range of backgrounds and talents. They work closely with students to help them achieve their goals by teaching English in the ESOL classes or helping students prepare for citizenship interviews.

Our volunteers generously share their time and talents and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing their students succeed. They bring enthusiasm and new ideas to the program and play a major role in its growth and vitality.


Boston Cares Partnership

Many volunteers come to us through our partnership with Boston Cares where they can receive training through their Allies for Immigrants program and track volunteers through their volunteering program.  Training and support are provided for all volunteer activities regardless of experience level.  


For more information about volunteering with us through Boston Cares:  :

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