Classes and Programs

ESOL Classes


Offering 4 levels of English classes with trained instructors, pre and post assessment tests, as well as individual in-class practice with tutors. Continually develop your English skills by moving through all class levels.



One on one instruction and focused time to assist students prepare for Citizenship tests, job interviews, interacting in the community, improve employment opportunities, and interacting with friends and family.

Citizenship Classes


Learn all 100 civics questions and improve your English to become a US citizen. The curriculum is based on USCIS guidelines for passing the English, Civics, Reading and Writing components of the examination.

Digital Upgrade


Coming soon! Learn how to use laptop, smartphone and apps to help in your day to day living such as paying bills, applying for benefits, checking your email, and organizing your life.

Conversation Groups


Practice and improve your English skills in a small group setting. Learn common phrases, and build your vocabulary.

Advanced English Classes 


Coming Soon!