Volunteer Role Descriptions

ESOL Class

Classes focus on improving speaking, writing, reading and listening skills of students, thus fostering their workforce
readiness. Consist of four levels – Basic Level, Level One, Level Two and Level Three. Evening classes beginning in the third week of September for 36 weeks. There are 70 students enrolled across the 4 levels. 




Small Group Lead -
Works with up to three students to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, either in-person or online All materials supplied by the instructors. Training is provided each semester by skilled and experienced teachers and tutors.
● Training provided

Works with students between classes on specific tasks assigned by the instructors. Assist with helping students to improve their English, including their conversation skills. In person tutoring in the ESOL class in a group format. There is also 1-1 tutoring conducted online for our citizenship students.  

● Conducted online
● Training provided

Citizenship Class

About The Class

● A 10–12-week program that prepares students for all aspects of
the citizenship interview
● Classes consist of ESOL and civics/history lessons with small
group time to practice lesson materials
● 20 students per class; 3-4 classes per semester

● Teaches civics or English in Citizenship classes
● Knowledge of the citizenship test questions, areas of focus,
what interviewers are looking for when administering a test
● Prior teaching or tutoring experience is helpful. Support training
can be provided.

Small Group Lead
● Works with up to three students during class to help them
prepare for the citizenship exam by practicing interviewing
skills, studying the 100 questions and writing and reading
simple English sentences
● Training provided

● Provide one on one tutoring and support for sessions outside of
class for a student with a pending naturalization interview
● Knowledge of USCIS examination requirements, previous
experience as a small group leader
● Training provided

Conversation Groups

About the Conversation Groups

These groups provide more opportunity for our students to improve
their speaking and listening abilities in English


Conversation Group Facilitator
● Works with three to five immigrants
● Facilitates group meetings in which intermediate/advanced
adult English language learners practice English conversation


Project Digital Upgrade
About the Class

Project Upgrade is a partnership with St. Mark, Boston Cares, Boston
Public Library and Tech Goes Home that will recruit 20 multilingual
volunteers to offer at least 30 free digital skills courses in different
languages to workers who are either unemployed or underemployed
online and in BPL’s neighborhood branches once they reopen.

● Teaches digital skills to a class of 15 for 9 weeks
● Excellent digital skills. Digital skills teaching experience would
be helpful.

Tech Tutor
● Provides instructional assistance to small groups
● Excellent digital skills - using a smartphone, computer, apps, email, and more. Digital skills teaching experience would
be helpful.


Zoom Host
● Runs the technology for classes
● Creates and monitors breakout rooms
● Sets co-hosts
● Admits students from waiting room
● Removes students if needed
● Troubleshoots technical issues
● Manages the online Zoom class and ensures it runs smoothly
● Takes attendance

● Provides weekly communications and handouts to students and
● Servers as timer for teachers
● Keeps the class agenda going smoothly
● Assists with issues during class
● Manages WhatsApp group
● Points on all roster and enrollment decisions during registration
period and throughout the class
● Imports rosters into the attendance system

Student Coordinator
● Follows up with students who register
● Provides Zoom class information during the registration period
● Serves as a touchpoint of St. Mark. Answers student emails and
inquiries. Refers as needed.
● Confirms upcoming test dates and secures tutoring for those in
need. Follows up to ensure students have necessary support.


Board of Directors
● Determines St. Mark’s mission and purpose
● Selects the Executive Director
● Supports the Executive Director and reviews his/her
● Ensures effective organizational planning
● Ensures adequate resources
● Manages resources effectively
● Determines and monitors St. Mark’s programs and services
● Enhances the organization’s public image
● Serves as a Court of Appeal for personnel issues
● Assesses its own performance

Finance Committee
● Develops and monitors financial sustainability plan
● Establishes best practices for developing donors
● Manages all fundraisers
● Plans fundraisers for the year
● Reports to Board