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About Us

We believe that immigrants bring diverse skills and contributions that contribute significantly to the strength of our evolving communities. We hold that mutual respect, commitment to inclusion, and empathy, are fundamental to our nation’s well-being.

Watch this video to hear directly from our students on their experience coming to the United States and with St. Mark's.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a vibrant community where immigrants can thrive and enrich their communities by providing English and Citizenship classes as well as a network of support services.

Our Vision

We envision thriving and inclusive communities, where immigrant residents acquire the skills and citizenship status necessary to fully participate in society. And, as immigrants enrich our community, non-immigrants also benefit.

Our Strategy

We plan to do the following to achieve both our mission and our vision:

  • Provide English classes

  • Provide Citizenship classes and other support for achieving naturalization

  • Link people with support services in the community

  • Help people find and get further education and jobs

  • Work with other agencies to advocate for and assist our students

  • Partner with educational and cultural institutions to provide enriching opportunities for students

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