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Free course to help you pass the citizenship exam

We will help you...


Learn the answers to all the civics questions on the test

Practice English and vocabulary to pass the oral exam

Our Free Citizenship Exam Prep Classes prepare you to pass your upcoming exam. Hundreds of students have passed the test after taking our class, and we can help you too!

 To be eligible, you must have your Green Card for 4 year and 9 months or 2 years and 9 months if married to US citizen. See below to learn more.

Next classes will be offered in Winter 2024. Join the waitlist to receive an email when registration opens.


You have a citizenship test date and would like help practicing for the exam

St. Mark's expertise on the USCIS exam helps our students with the confidence needed to pass the citizenship test. In-class study and practice in small groups is an excellent learning environment where students learn and inspire one another. 

Our students' needs are at the heart of what we do

St. Mark's welcomes students from all walks of life! We have over 17 years of experience teaching English and Citizenship classes and have helped hundreds of students improve their lives with job stability, become more connected to their communities, increase economic opportunity, and obtain citizenship.


Meet Erika!

Erika is from the Dominican Republic and passed her citizenship test in December 2021. Pictured with her husband, who is also studying for his citizenship test with St. Marks, Erika is thriving in her career in the hospitality industry. She is also working towards bringing her parents to the United States so they may experience the same security and freedom as she has.

What to expect at class

Our exam prep classes are held for 10 weeks and taught by experienced teachers who have helped so many of our students pass the citizenship test. Classes are held both online via Zoom and in person across various locations in the greater Botson area. Our small group lead volunteers will work with you to practice the lessons. Handouts are provided after each class for you to continue studying at home.

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