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English for Citizenship is a free course to help you improve your English and apply for citizenship.

Being able to read and write in English is important to becoming a US citizen.

Receiving legal assistance with the application process from MIRA can help you successfully apply for citizenship and get a test date.

We can help!

Our free class will help you improve your English and receive assistance in applying for citizenship. *Must have green card to join class.*


You want to apply for citizenship but don't know where to start?

There are many benefits to citizenship - uniting your family, citizenship for your children under age of 18, security and stability of living in the United States, greater economic opportunities, the right to vote, and many other freedoms. What's most important to you about citizenship? We can help you get there.

Our students' needs are at the heart of what we do

St. Mark's welcomes students from all walks of life! We have over 17 years of experience teaching English and Citizenship classes and have helped hundreds of students improve their lives with job stability, become more connected to their communities, increase economic opportunity, and obtain citizenship.

Porvi and Jaya.jpg

Meet Purvi and Jaya!

Purvi and her mother Jaya are from India. Jaya moved to the United States to be near her daughter and granddaughter. After 6 years of studying English and failing the citizenship test 4 times, Jaya joined a St. Mark class. After working with St. Mark teachers and volunteers, Jaya passed her exam in 2021!

What to expect at class

This 12-week course is taught by experienced teachers who have helped hundreds learn English and pass the citizenship test. Our volunteers will work with you in small group settings to practice the lessons. Handouts will be provided for at-home practice and study and prepare you for the upcoming class. MUST HAVE GREEN CARD TO JOIN THIS CLASS.

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