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Break into Tech with Per Scholas!

Discover Per Scholas, the national non-profit making tech career dreams come true!


PER SCHOLAS is a national non-profit organization that offers tuition-free tech career training. Learners receive hands-on learning, personalized mentorship, and industry-recognized certifications, all provided at no cost. The program also offers support in financial management, personalized success plans, and access to dedicated career coaches for professional development, including mock interviews and resume assistance. Additionally, graduates benefit from job connections through a vast network of alumni and employer partners across the country.

Get ready to soar in the tech world with Per Scholas! They offer FREE tech training that unlocks your full potential and paves the way for your dream career in the tech industry. Gain valuable certifications to kickstart your high-growth tech journey! Learn more about commonly asked questions and participation stories below!

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