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From Sept to Dec 2024: Free 14-week Facilities Maintenance Training

The International Institute of New England"s "Pre-Apprenticeship Program is for anyone who wants to work in construction, facilities maintenance, and the trades (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc.). In this class, students will learn the foundational skills of the construction trades as well as general job readiness."

Classes are mostly virtual, Monday through Thursday from 4-8pm. In-person attendance is required on the first day and for the last 3 weeks. Those final weeks are for hands-on training.

Graduates will also be able to consult with a Career Navigator to look for and apply to jobs or apprenticeships.

Necessary qualifications in order to participate:

  • Work authorization

  • High school diploma (doesn't need to be from US)

  • MA Driver's License (leaner's permits will also be considered)

  • Advanced level of English

The application process includes the following steps:

  • Completing a phone intake with Meghan Fitzgerald, Career Navigator

  • Attending a Zoom information session

  • Passing Math and English assessments

  • Having a conversation with the Program Director

  • Clearing a background check


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